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1) Notification for form fill-up for BA/BSc 1st (Back & Casual), 3rd and 5th semester Examination, 2022 (24-November-2022)

2) 1-Day National Seminar on Role of Women in Sports, 12th November, 2022 (09-November-2022)

3) Registration of BA/BSc 1st semester, 2022-23 Students (04-November-2022)

4) Identity Card Distribution for BSc 1st and 3rd Semester 2022-23 (03-October-2022)

5) Students' Union Election 2022-23, Scrutiny Postponed (28-September-2022)

6) BA/BSc 5th Semester, 2022-23 Identity Card Distribution (27-September-2022)

7) Identity Card Distribution for BA 1st and BA 3rd Semester 2022-23 (26-September-2022)

8) Notification for the Election to the Students' Union of Lilong Haoreibi College for the Academic Ses (23-September-2022)

9) BA/BSc 1st Semester, Final Selection List for Botany and Zoology (18-September-2022)

10) Notification for Student Induction Programme - “DEEKSHARAMBH” on 20th and 21st September 2022 (18-September-2022)

11) Last Selection List of Applicants for Admission to BA/BSc 1st Semester ,2022-23 (15-September-2022)

12) New Payment Link for Admission Fees for Admission to BA/BSc 1st Sem-2022-23 (13-September-2022)

13) Second Selection list of Applicants for admission to BA/BSc 1st semester, 2022-23 (09-September-2022)

14) Notification to stop making ONLINE payments after due date by BA/BSC 1st semester FIRST SELECTION LI (09-September-2022)

15) BA/BSc 1st Semester Admission Notice for Unregistered persons/Subject Change (08-September-2022)

16) Corrigendum Notification(Admission Process) (08-September-2022)

17) Notice For Practical Fees of BA/BSc 1st semester Geography and Mathematics (06-September-2022)

18) SECOND PHASE Admission to BA/BSc 5th Semester, 2022-23 and Final Selection List (04-September-2022)

19) BA/BSc 3rd Semester SECOND PHASE Admission Notice for Academic Session, 2022-23 (04-September-2022)

20) Fresh Notification for Admission to BA/BSc 1st Semester, 2022-23 (04-September-2022)

21) Notification for SECOND PHASE Admission to BA/BSc 5th Semester, 2022-23 and Final Selection List of (04-September-2022)

22) Extension of Dates for Admission to BA/BSc 1st Semester, 2022-23 (02-September-2022)

23) Selection List of BA/BSc 1st Semester Applicants Department Wise for Academic Session, 2022-23 (30-August-2022)

24) Revised Fees Payable for Admission to BA/BSc. 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester, 2022-23 (22-August-2022)

25) Notification for BA/BSc. 3rd and 5th Semester Admission for the Academic Session, 2022-23 (22-August-2022)

26) Notification for BA/BSc 1st Semester Admission, 2022-23 (18-August-2022)

27) Notice for Selection of Honours Students for Admission to BA/BSc 5th Semester, 2022-23 (03-August-2022)

28) Directorate Notice for Admission to BA/BSc 1st Semester for the academic session, 2022-23 (28-June-2022)

29) Updated Form Fill-Up Notice for 2nd, 4th and 6th Semester Examination, 2022 (May) (18-April-2022)



32) Handing over of NAAC Peer Team Visit Report to Principal & IQAC Coordinator Lilong Haoreibi College (17-January-2022)

33) Cultural Programme Audition Notice (25-December-2021)

34) Form fill-up for BA/BSc 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester Examination, 2021 under Manipur University (07-December-2021)

35) B.Voc. Admission form for Academic Session, 2021-22 (07-December-2021)

36) SSR Cycle-1, Lilong Haoreibi College (30-November-2021)

37) Admission Reopen Notification, 2021-22 (27-October-2021)

38) Second Shortlist of Applicants for Admission to BA/ BSc First Semester, 2021-22, (28-September-2021)

39) Revised Admission Fee Structure, Lilong Haoreibi College, 2021-22 as revised on 22nd September 2021 (22-September-2021)

40) Partial Modification to Admission Notice, 2021-22 (21-September-2021)

41) Important Instructions for Admission, Lilong Haoreibi College, 2021-22 (17-September-2021)

42) ADMISSION NOTICE, LILONG HAOREIBI COLLEGE, 2021-22 (17-September-2021)

43) Revised Admission Fee Structure, Lilong Haoreibi College, 2021-22 (17-September-2021)

44) Exemption of Cultural Fee and Games & Sports Fee, Manipur University for academic session, 2021-22 (14-September-2021)

45) First List of Shortlisted Applicants for Admission to BA, BSc 1st Semester, LHC, 2021-22 (12-September-2021)

46) Corrigendum to Prospectus of Lilong Haoreibi College, 2021-22 (31-August-2021)

47) Prospectus of Lilong Haoreibi College, 2021-22 (30-August-2021)

48) MoU with IDO (07-August-2021)

49) Intake Capacity for admission 2021-22 (07-August-2021)

50) Notification of BA/BSc. even semester examination 2020 (07-August-2021)

51) Verification Report of the Ishan Uday Scholarship (07-August-2021)

52) Ishan Uday Scholarship Verification Committee (07-August-2021)

53) Exam Form and Admit Card for BA/BSc 2nd, 4th and 6th Semesters Exam 2021 (07-August-2021)


55) MOODLE Workshop for Course Creators (10-July-2021)

56) Donation to CM COVID 19 Relief Fund (09-July-2021)

57) Notification for social service camp (09-July-2021)

58) News Paper Clippings (05-July-2021)

59) condolence (05-July-2021)

60) International Plastic Bag Free Day Observed by IQAC, Lilong Haoreibi College (03-July-2021)

61) Deputation of Moodle Master Trainer (28-June-2021)

62) IQAC team working on SSR at College Library (28-June-2021)

63) Observance of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (28-June-2021)

64) Second IQAC Zoom Meeting Schedule (24-June-2021)

65) Observance of International Yoga Day 2021 (23-June-2021)

66) The Aurora(A Prospectus): Information Bulletin of Lilong Haoreibi College (16-June-2021)

67) New HODs for Pol Sc & Manipuri Depts (15-June-2021)


69) Notification for ONLINE Classes (13-June-2021)

70) World Environment Day 2021 (05-June-2021)

71) Backdrop: Plastic wastes management (13-May-2021)