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Lilong Haoreibi College has introduceda mentor-mentee system from late 2020 onwards wherein all teachers are assigned the responsibility of mentoring a particular group of Students with the objective of providing guidance, motivation, emotional support and role modelling by the mentor to the mentee students of the college. Mentoring is achieved by developing a personal relationship with the mentee, subsequent evaluation of their level of Knowledge and ability and finding ways to counsel and guide them. Some of the functions of mentors are becoming a role model of mentees by setting example through behaviour in particular situations – knowing the mentee’s academic and personal goals, identifying their real needs, values and passions, and allowing them to explore their thoughts, ideas and curiosities. Providing helpful feedbacks help them develop their self-confidence by acknowledging their achievements. Mentoring is especially important for new student entrants as it helps them in their integration process into the higher education system.

The system established in Lilong Haoreibi College is briefly described below:

  1. Each teacher (Mentor) is assigned with a particular group of Students (mentees) usually consisting of 30-40 students.
  2. The mentors establish close contacts with the mentee students to make an estimate of their level of knowledge, ability and to identify their real needs and interests.
  3. The mentors also identify precise areas in which a particular mentee needs counselling and guidance.
  4. Mentors closely monitor the academic performances, class attendance of the mentees and their overall participation in the academic activities of the institution.

Thus, the Mentorship system aims at making mentee students more confident and helping them in bringing all-round changes in their lives.