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In today’s technology-led modern era, the role and place of ICT is ever increasing and this facilitates our day to day activities almost in every spheres of life and sectors of the economy. Education sector is not an exception to this.

Acknowledging the importance of ICT in the field of education in general and the urgent need of having a designated ICT Block in this institution, the incumbent Principal of the college has recently developed the ICT Block for the first time by utilizing the six rooms constructed under RUSA.

With regards to ICT, Lilong Haoreibi College may be said to be in its infancy stage due to its poor development in ICT related infrastructure. However, the institution is well prepared to upgrade the newly developed ICT Block to a fuller and more advanced block in the coming academic years.

Out of six rooms utilized under ICT Block, one room is designated as computer class and the other five as smart classrooms. There are at present 24 (twenty-four) computer sets in the computer class with 24 x 7 internet connectivity.

Followings are few photographs of the newly developed ICT Block of Lilong Haoreibi College: